How To Clean A Toilet

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Every day: We don’t need to go into detail about why good hygiene is necessary in this particular area – suffice to say that regular cleaning will make the whole job slightly less icky.

Choose your tools: Toilet brushes keep the bowl at arm’s length if you are squeamish but are a haven for germs, so after use the brush and the container need to be thoroughly soaked in a bleach solution and left to dry before putting back in the room. Alternatively, hold your breath and clean the bowl with a cloth, which you can just chuck away.
Toilet. How To Clean A Toilet

Every week: Pour a suitable toilet cleaner into the bowl, leave for a few minutes then scrub, getting into the seat hinges and under the rim. Flush, make sure any cleaning product is rinsed away, then flush again.

Don’t forget the seat and handle – warm soapy water should be enough to tackle dirt and germs.

If limescale is really stubborn, you may have to part empty the toilet bowl (use and old cup), then use a proprietary limescale remover, before refilling the toilet